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Questions? Please see below.
Questions? Please see below.

If you are interested in joining the Richie Reunion Committee, please contact one of the members below.


President:  Walter Richie
Vice President: Thomas Ray Richie                  

Treasuer:  Diane Rhodes
Finance Committee: Patricia Butler and Burice Cleveland
Secretary:  Tawanna McCauley

Youth President: Eavian Jackson
Youth Vice President:  Brennington Gantt

Members:   James Richie, Styles Richie, Jr,  LaSandra Richie, Lurine Goodine,  Flora Ann  Hartman, Lekese Sutherland, Brenda Thornton, Linda Thornton, Janice Scott,  Keisha Hawes, Edward Richie.


If you have any questions about the Richie Family Reunion or this website, please send email to