The Richie Family Newsletter First Edition

“Nothing can be finer than to be in South Carolina”
The members of the Richie family reunion committee are delight­ed to see each of you here in Anderson, SC as we celebrate our family heritage. A great deal of planning and hard work has gone into making sure that each moment of our being together will be memorable. The committee sought out the best hotel and the best price for accommodations so that your stay will be economical as well as comfortable.

There is an itinerary included in the newsletter and other items that we thought you might enjoy in the welcome package. There’s also a map provided so you should be able to navigate your way from the hotel to the Thompsons (1502 Bolt Drive) on Saturday May 24th for the family cookout/ picnic, and to New Destined Outreach Church on 1109 Whitehall Rd, Sunday May 25th for morning service. Dinner will be in the fellowship hall followed by a gospel singing at 3:00 pm with many local groups on the program.

All of our activities are designed for you to have a fun time, as well as, renewed acquaintances with family members. Introduc­tions to new family members will produce a fellowship that will last a life time.
A survey will be given to each of you for your feedback so that we can continue to have the best reunion possible each year. Please complete the survey and return to any member of the reun­ion committee.

Thank you and God Blessings be upon you.

Communication is the best way to keep the interest of the family reunion going. With that in mind, we hope to send this newsletter of family events quarterly.  Future issues should have important dates, family information, tips and photos. Between the family newsletter and the family website, we should have all family members covered on getting the infor­mation of family functions to family members—family members who prefer things electronically, as well as, family members who prefer plain old paper! We are hopeful that everyone will submit an item to be included in the future.

Some of you may wonder how this reunion came about. It started with a visit to Aunt Olivia Jones in Atlanta, Ga from Diane and Jonathan Rhodes one Sunday afternoon. While talking to Aunt Olivia about family, she made the comment that she was afraid our family was going to lose touch with one another and stop fellow-shipping together. Worst, she was afraid the younger generation would not know their family at all! With strong determination to bring the family together, Aunt Olivia contacted Mable Richie and Flora Ann Hartman. This led to the first committee of Lurenia Goodine, Curtis Scott, Laura Ann Scott, Jewel Boyd to discuss her concerns. She knew contacting this group of family members would cover Georgia and South Carolina -where the majority of family members lived. Everyone listen to her wishes and worked together to host the first Richie Family Reunion in May 1999 at Whitman High School in Toccoa, Georgia.

Family we truly need to keep this beautiful event going. This year is the first time we are having a 3-days family reunion! You know the saying......“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you always got”. We are open to suggestions and ideas from EVERYONE on how to make the reunion better and afforda­ble so ALL family members with a desire to attend can participate. We also want to make it easier for ALL family members to remain informed on the family reunions. We truly do not want to go back to sending a paper flyer to one or two family members and relying on them to dis­tribute it to everyone. We all know this does not work.


Deeply rooted in faith and in God, the early Richie, Richey, Ritchie, MacRichie, MacRitchie and those known by whatever other deriva­tion or variation of the name, our ancestors were firm in their deter­mination to "overcome" those adversities, despite the adversities they suffered and persevered.

While there is no clear or conclusive answer or consensus as to the reason for the various spellings of our name, it is generally felt that as some of our ancestors, predictably, were illiterate due to their cir­cumstances, someone else probably spelled the name for them pho­netically, and it was adopted by them as such. As others encountered the same situation, another time, another place, another phonetic spelling, and yet another variation resulted. As well, it was common at that time for our babies to have been delivered by Mid­wives, whose duties included originating and recording birth rec­ords. They too, in some cases, were illiterate or of limited education, which may have contributed to the problem.

In my research I have also found disparities in the spelling of the name of the same person from one census to the next, indicating that the cen­sus takers also contributed to this problem. Notwithstanding the variations in spelling of the name, we are ONE family which has spawned Educators, Ministers, Pastors, Recording Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Military Officers and NCOs, Government Officials, Administrators and other notables. We give PRAISE to God, the Author and Finisher of our faith for these accomplishments!

This page is dedicated to our family historians who contributed sto­ries, pictures, and their knowledge to help us learn unknown facts about our proud heritage. The Historians, as well as the un-named, known and unknown, through their sacrifices and suffering made this possible.
We are thankful for the 15  descendants of Dennis and Loudella children who are here to share their knowledge with us for this 2013 newsletter.  Thank you: Curtis Scott, James Richie, Lurenia Goodine, Mable Richie, Burice Cleveland, Styles Richie Jr, Ray Richie, Emma Joe Simpson, Bessie Simpson, James Haskel Richie, Lonnie Joe Richie, Pauline Witt, Jessie Martin, Jewel Boyd, Margaret Thronton.  They are our Historians.   If any names were missed and/or spelled incorrectly, please let us know so we can give them the recognition they deserve.